Horsemanship Clinic

A number of years ago we made it mandatory that everyone attending a cattle drives would have to attend our horsemanship clinic. This allows us to try to have everyone mounted on a horse that will allow them to enjoy their week as a cowboy to the fullest. I can promise you there are no manicured trails anywhere that we go. This clinic will help you to navigate this varying terrain with skill and confidence.

The horsemanship clinic is run by Chris Ellsworth. Chris has studied under many of today’s big name clinicians. He has 25 years of practical horsemanship experience in every type of terrain and cattle handling situation that you can imagine. His quiet demeanor will influence you in a positive way to try and help you handle any situation that will arise during the week.

Jan Huffman, who is a certified John Lyons horse trainer, attended our cattle drive last year and commented, “Chris Ellsworth is very good and I learned some things myself”. That’s as high a compliment as we could have ever asked for.” Gino Carfora, a past guest said, “I don’t know what you are paying Chris, but you should double it.”

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